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sm badsha
May 24, 2022
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Philosophical [group that] celebrated civic Country Email List virtue, mutual benefits, the improvement of self and society, and the proposition that hardworking citizens could do well by doing good." Becoming a Newspaper Man In 1728, Franklin and another Country Email List apprentice, Hugh Meredith, set up their own shop with funding from Meredith's father. The son soon sold his share, and Benjamin Franklin was left with his own business at the age of 24. He Country Email List anonymously printed a pamphlet called "The Nature and Necessity of a Paper Currency," which called attention to the need for paper money in Pennsylvania. The effort was a success, and he won Country Email List the contract to print the money. Franklin began writing a series of anonymous letters known as the "Busy-Body" essays, signed under several pseudonyms and criticizing the existing newspapers and Country Email List printers in Philadelphia—including one operated by his old employer, Samuel Keimer, called The Universal Country Email List Instructor in All Arts and Sciences and Pennsylvania Gazette. went bankrupt and sold his 90-subscriber paper to Franklin, who renamed it The Pennsylvania Gazette. The newspaper was later Country Email List renamed The Saturday Evening Post. The Gazette printed local news, extracts from the London newspaper The Spectator, jokes, verses, humorous attacks on rival Andrew Bradford's American Weekly Mercury, moral essays, elaborate hoaxes, and political satire. Franklin often wrote and printed letters Country Email List to himself, either to emphasize some truth or to ridicule some mythical or typical reader. A Common-Law Marriage By 1730, Franklin began looking for a wife. Deborah Read had married during Country Email List his long stay in London, so Franklin courted a number of girls and even fathered an illegitimate child named William, who was born between April 1730 and April 1731. When Deborah's marriage Country Email List failed, she and Franklin began living together as a married couple with William in September 1730,
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sm badsha

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