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an actor is supposed to grow and i have grown in this part. i have worked on myself. i have worked hard in everything i have done and i am enjoying this for the first time in my life. there were many difficulties we had to overcome as a director and as a producer. there were a lot of obstacles. i was under pressure but that pressure and that fear were good because that is what gives you clarity and makes you get what you want. if you don't have pressure and fear, then you can never learn from life. and i had to get used to the fact that others will judge me as well. i live in the real world and sometimes i live outside of the real world and sometimes i live in the little world in between.

Veer Zaara 1080p Full Movie

in just two weeks time, ive had a 20-minute sit-down with shyamalan, another pair of test screenings at a location in beverly hills and another media blitz, including a profile from the wall street journal and hollywood reporterand a lengthy interview with me, to be included in the upcoming issue, due out on oct. 23.

shyamalan argued that the script and screenplay were worth the risk that comes with picking and choosing the material. we feel it was the best thing that he ever did, because it made his career as a studio director.

in fact, its success might ultimately make shyamalan the director he was always meant to be. we are listening to too many talk-show callers and working too many long hours to have time to carve out a career for ourselves, im fortunate that ive been able to do a little bit of everything over the years, says shyamalan.

i cant think of many industries where consultants do so much work for so little pay. most of the time, i didnt need a consultant. sometimes i needed a new perspective, or a different research question, or someone to hold my hand and walk me through a new market, but i never really needed a consultant because i had someone to help me when i started out.

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