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Best Place To Buy Silhouette Cameo 3 REPACK

I have the original Silhouette cameo machine but find it to not be consistent in its cutting despite using the recommended blade and cut settings. I find myself wasting a lot of material. Sometimes it skips in its cuts. I want to upgrade to a different machine but I am on the fence. I would stick with the silhouette if I knew that the new self adjusting blade would make better cuts as I love the software on Silhouette but If not, I am considering the Cricut Maker. I mostly cut card stock, HTV vinyl, regular vinyl and stencil vinyl. I would greatly appreciate your input

best place to buy silhouette cameo 3

Download Zip:

I am thinking about purchasing a silhouette. I have never owned one before so I am new to all of this. I own a Chromebook so know it will not work with it. I will have to also purchase a new laptop. Will the new laptop have to have a DVD/Cd writer to place the cd disk that comes with the bundle in it to load anything on it or is it just a download from the internet? I hope that made sense. Thank you.

These machines cut using software that lets you create, upload, or purchase premade designs. To draw, you can attach a pen instead of a blade. A quick tour of Instagram hashtags (#cricutexploreair2, #cricutmaker3, #silhouettecameo, #silhouettecameo3) shows the wide range of projects that people can do with these machines.

I use all Apple products, ipad, macbook pro and iphones. Do both machines work well with apple products? Does it matter? I haven't purchased a machine yet and I'm leaning towards the silhouette cameo.

My silhouette 3 is still cutting in the wrong place, up on the mat at the top left even though it is set for the 1212 cutting mat in the silhouette studio. It cut in the right place one time and then reverted back to cutting in the wrong place. Any ideas? thanks. Pam

I agree with the set up for silhouette. I have the cameo 2 and the instructions were not super clear. I had to figure out some steps (almost guess!) on my own and I feel like I know my way around a computer pretty well! But overall I love that you can create your own designs. YouTube videos were SUPER helpful too

Hi! I have been working with sillhouette cameo for 4 years, but have had the same problem twice with both of the machines i have bought: cameo 2 and cameo 3. I use it only to cut 200 gr paper, but after a while the llight cuts work ok, but the full cut starts to stay behind. I have tried new blades, new matts, new everything and it wont work. I have talk to silhouette but they had no idea how to fix it. Has this happened to you? Do you know if there is a way to fix it? I dont want to keep buying machines and changing them after year and a half. I would love to hear your opinion.Thank you in advance,Camila 041b061a72

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