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Where To Buy Dinec Furniture

Since 1991, Dinec has been synonymous with luxury and diversity in the wood furniture industry. As a Canadian designer and manufacturer, we favor solid North American birch in our creations. The natural beauty of this variety of wood adds warmth, richness, elegance, and distinctive character to your home.

where to buy dinec furniture


Another unique Dinec feature is the speed with which we can easily customize the furniture you need. Our production cycle is based on a short manufacturing time. Dinec's 600 dedicated employees (designers, engineers, cabinetmakers, technicians, and customer service agents) work quickly and diligently to ensure that each piece of furniture is custom-made to perfection, according to your specifications.

BDM Furniture owns and operates the BERMEX and DINEC brands. We are leaders among manufacturers of customizable dining room furniture, pub tables and bar stools all made from top grade birch. Founded in Maskinongé (Québec, Canada), BERMEX is proud to be family owned and operated since 1983. Over the last few years, BDM Furniture has become more and more specialized in high quality wood dining furniture, pub tables and bar stools. We support more than 350 employees and own six factories equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Dinec is a Canadian manufacturer specializing in the design and production of contemporary, transitional and traditional furniture using North American solid birch. Our unique concept allows easily for the customization of high-end furniture, especially bedroom and dining room sets as well as entertainment units. Customized luxury is what defines Dinec. The possibility to mix and match a variety of styles, colored finishes, hardware, fabrics and leathers allows the customer to create a unique product.

F2 Furnishings is a furniture store in Calgary and Edmonton which offers exclusive products and design solutions to a bold and adventurous audience. Proudly carrying Canadian sourced furniture as well as select brands from the International World Markets of home furnishings and design. With independently designed furniture and art lines, F2 Furnishings is leading the Alberta home furnishings market. Contact our team in either Edmonton or Calgary for more information about our products.

Located in the former GJ Styles building at 212 North Wrenn, the showroom will be about 5,500 square feet. It will showcase product from Bermex and Dinec, which each primarily offer solid wood dining and bedroom, occasional and home entertainment furniture.

As that building has been filling up with tenants, the Groupe Bermex showroom decreased to about 30,000 square feet on two floors. As of this past June, the mix included some product from Shermag, but mostly included dining plus some occasional and entertainment furniture from Dinec and Bermex. 041b061a72

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