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Among the 60 species known, 49 were reported in Brazil and 25 among these occur in caves, while three are considered troglobitic (Iniesta and Ferreira 2014) i.e., the source population is exclusively subterranean (Trajano and Carvalho 2017). Most of the described species are in the states of Minas Gerais and São Paulo (Gallo and Bichuette 2019). In Brazil, the known troglobitic species include P. spelaea Iniesta & Ferreira, 2013, from Pará state, P. ambuatinga Iniesta & Ferreira, 2014, and P. lundi Iniesta & Ferreira, 2015; these last recorded in the Minas Gerais state. For these species, the troglomorphisms, i.e., modifications in morphological characteristics associated with subterranean isolation (Christiansen 1962), include reduction in body pigmentation, variation in number of ommatidia, body size, and antennae elongation (Iniesta and Ferreira 2015).

Serial number pes 2017 pc download

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