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Espload: A User-Friendly Software for Esprit Control Panels

i was trying to upload the same sketch i've been using for the esp8266 version of the installer. the project is an arduino based weather station that shows the current weather conditions and predicts the future weather conditions. using the esp8266 version of the installer, i was able to upload the sketch perfectly, and everything worked great. however, when i decided to upgrade to the esp12f, and tried to upload the sketch using the installer, i couldn't do it. the project compiles, but i get the following error: "failed to upload the sketch. the file couldn't be uploaded because the file size is too large. try again later." i assumed that i had somehow managed to fill up the available memory in the esp12f, and so i decided to run a check of the remaining memory, and i was surprised to see that the memory was not full, so i don't think that's the problem.

Espload Installer Upload Software Dos

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hi, i'd like to add a few things about the espinstaller program. i have esp-12f. i wanted to upload my sketch using the espinstaller, using the method you showed us in the video. i was using the wifimanager.cfg that you provided. i opened it in notepad.

  • the following is a list of components that are necessary to upload the data: esp8266 httpclient library

  • adafruit feather huzzah

  • esp8266 espruino

  • adafruit usb_serial

  • esp8266 esprit 728 series 13

  • esp8266 programmer

  • the esprit 728 series 13 control panel is divided into the following areas: information: shows all information about the esprit 728 series 13.

  • inventory: shows your inventory.

  • data submission: allows you to upload data.

  • audit: shows your api history.

  • configuration: allows you to configure the esprit 728 series 13.

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